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The Cancer Revolution represents the fruition of a long-held dream to pull together the best information on the broadest range of approaches to cancer. We want this book to act as a catalyst for individuals to empower themselves, and to become part of a revolution that promises to change the experience of cancer treatment completely. This revolution, Integrative Medicine, has the power to cut deeply into the devastating survival statistics and the desperately poor quality of life experienced by many following treatment for cancer. Even more importantly, it will help to promote a cultural revolution: the increasingly obvious sources of the ever-rising tide of cancer in the UK point clearly to where the solutions lie.

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The Cancer Revolution has been written to introduce the public to a revolutionary way of looking at cancer: Integrative Medicine. An alarmingly high and relentlessly growing number of people are being affected, either directly or indirectly, by this deadly disease. They do not have the luxury of waiting for science to come up with ‘the cure’; they need answers right now. The Cancer Revolution has answers. It is packed with strategies to improve your prospects and your quality of life. Integrative Medicine is the broadest possible approach to treatment, one that leaves no stone unturned. It is more comfortable with doing too much than with taking the risk of missing a vital piece of the puzzle. In this important new handbook, Patricia Peat has assembled a world-class team of experts to offer practical information on nutrition, lifestyle, conventional medicine and a range of cutting-edge treatments, as well as helpful guidance for navigating through cancer and beyond. For the first time, The Cancer Revolution brings together, in the most accessible form, the whole spectrum of resources that are at hand to support you or someone you love through every stage of cancer and to help you to chart a healthy future.

Reader Responses

“Every cancer patient should be given this book as soon as they’re diagnosed. The Cancer Revolution instantly removes that feeling of being overwhelmed and replaces it with concrete steps you can take to help your body fight cancer.”

Kelly Turner, PhD, New York Times Bestselling author of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

What an amazingly helpful collection of practical advice from UK and international experts. No matter where you are in your cancer diagnosis, this book provides guidance, signposting and reassurance that it IS possible to have control of your own healing journey. I highly recommend this reference manual to cancer patients, their carers and families.”

Elaine Godley, MBA, FRSA, O.A. Dip. (Psych) Founder of HealthwatchersUK and 3 times cancer survivor

“The Cancer Revolution is a book dedicated to anyone who is interested in a cancer-free life for themselves and their families. It covers every important aspect of cancer cause, diagnosis, treatment options, recovery and beyond and is written from all points of view. It encourages and inspires us to take responsibility and work together with our medical and healthcare teams, with the understanding that, ultimately, as cancer patients, we have to empower ourselves to take control of decisions made on our personal pathway of care.”

Jessica Richards, Author of The Topic of Cancer, section contributor to The Cancer Revolution, cancer survivor

“This book is a goldmine of useful, good quality, evidence-based information which will save you many hours trawling the internet looking for information you can trust. Whether you want to use complementary therapies to rebuild your immune system following chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery; pursue entirely alternative treatment protocols in favour of orthodox treatments; or explore options for treatment in other countries which the NHS does not yet offer; you will find this book an invaluable resource. I wish it had been available when I was first diagnosed!”

Carolyn Axtell, cancer survivor

“The Cancer Revolution is an inspiring collaboration between Yes to Life and Cancer Options. The book is a very accessible and informative read that offers many CAM treatment options to support your primary health plan. A positive read for patients at every stage of their challenging cancer journey.”

Amanda Parker, breast cancer survivor

“This is a well thought-out book packed full of useful information I wish I had had when going through my own treatment. For anyone who has just been diagnosed, going through treatment or trying to stay healthy and prevent dis-ease, this is one of the best resources to have covering overall health, nutrition and wellness. Patricia Peat and the team of contributors have done an awesome job. I would totally recommend the book to anyone.”

Gloria Halim BCHHP, Author & Holistic Health & Wellness Coach

This book is crammed full with knowledge and practical information that will be useful for any cancer patient who wants to play a more active role in their treatment, by focusing on health as part of a strategy to tackle their illness. We’re finally realising how important lifestyle and diet are to preventing cancer, but up until now little of this knowledge has permeated into how we respond to it, even though intuitively it makes sense. The Cancer Revolution has pulled together expert advice from all corners of the world to create a practical handbook for anyone who feels there must be more to treating cancer than just pumping expensive chemicals into the body.”

John Piears, Cancer Widower and Founder of the Dying for a Cure campaign

“Within the personal turmoil of a positive cancer diagnosis you can feel overwhelmed by advice from doctors, family and friends, but ultimately you have to decide what is best for you. This wonderfully comprehensive book will help immensely and should be by your side at all times. There is much to like about this book (& nothing to dislike…): a balanced approach, intelligently written, well-designed, user-friendly, hugely informative, factual, but most importantly, empowering. Essential reading for anyone who wants to be involved with their own healing process.”

Malcolm Medley, cancer survivor